The allnite Classic EuroTop is a ‘Top-of-the-line’ best selling extension of the allnite brand of mattresses, it features a distinctively sleek and luxurious finish.  The innovative design of Classic EuroTop mattress was created to give both strong back support (for which the Premier is widely acclaimed) while providing the consumer with an extra, very soft layer of unparalleled comfort courtesy of its Euro Top feature. This enhanced allnite model is made of a 10” Ultra High Density Core, with a 2” super soft layer EuroTop design covered in dustmite and hypo allergic treated damask fabric which also is spill resistant. The Classic EuroTop, like it’s very strong, earlier generation mattress, the Premier, will   support nearly any weight person, and with its super soft EuroTop layer it will  provide that special luxurious feel that many consumers now desire as they look to upgrade their present  mattress. The Classic EuroTop is also available with    our very popular 12’ base as a divan. Due to the EuroTop design (singled sided Pillow Top) this is a ‘no flip’ mattress product. The Classic EuroTop is also highly durable due to both the quality of Lensyl’s ultra HD foam and the robust  materials used in its construction, hence it also comes with a 5 year Limited Warranty.

DIMENSIONS King King Queen Full Twin
6″ Base  76 x 80 72 x 80 60 x 80 54 x 75 42 x 75
          39 x 75
          36 x 75

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