The allnite Premier Plus extension of the allnite brand of mattresses provides a customer with a traditional 2 sided Pillow Top design, and like the Classic EuroTop will provide a luxurious feel in addition to the outstanding, firm back-Support, the Premier has always featured. The Premier Plus featuring  8” high density foam construction at its core – top to bottom and side to side – with the super soft foam layer comprising the Pillow Top measuring 2 ½ inches each side.

DIMENSIONS King King Queen Full Twin
6″ Base  76 x 80 72 x 80 60 x 80 54 x 75 42 x 75
          39 x 75
          36 x 75

As with the other allnite models, the Premier Plus is covered with a fabric which is protected from dust mites and is hypo allergic treated. The Premier Plus will provide superb durability and excellent support equivalent to both the Classic EuroTop and the Premier and it is also available with a 12” base. As with other allnite mattresses featuring 1.5 plus ultra-High Density foam, the Premier Plus comes with a 5 year Limited Warranty.

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