The Luxury Plus mattress is an extremely durable high quality supportive and luxurious mattress as the name implies. The Luxury Plus is designed with a 336 Bonnel coil core reinforced on the perimeter to give it durability and maximum support. Additionally heat resistant material for temperature regulation (“Thera-pad”) and protection is put in place and covered with 1.5 density foam.

The premium design features inherent in the Luxury Plus is highlighted by its dual Pillow Top which gives you that luxury finish on top of that great support core. The Luxury Plus mattress is extremely effective in back support and due to the consistent use of high quality of materials in its construction we are proud to provide a  5 year Limited Warranty on this product. Customers are typically ecstatic with their purchase of the Luxury Plus mattress due to its high quality craftsmanship and outstanding, world-class components and design features.   The Luxury Plus is a solid, long term investment for anyone looking for the perfect combination of luxurious sleeping comfort and maximum value for money.


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